half iranian - half kentucky.
philadelphia through my southern eyes..
growing up in the opposite direction of the north - louisiana/kentucky/and georgia..
learning to breathe and walk at a slower pace…
breaking free from the south:young boy could you refill my sweet tea..
stepping into a city that carries soul and creates characters..
philadelphia has changed the course of my life..
introducing me to many temperatures..
a bitter nature i had never felt -
how different a state/country/place can be/time and tomorrow..
the southern ways that i adopted as a child - have given me the opportunity to express and explore philadelphia at a different pace -
standing still in the middle of constant motion and endless footsteps..
interest in people and how we move:smile:dance:worry or not with our thoughts/are forever:photo:picture:picture:photo..
bringing back moments and memories..
walking philadelphia - staring at confusion…
hungry man is an angry man/human nurture vs. nature..
preacher pray:we’ve lost ourselves..
look not to judge:we shake our heads/breathe to catch a breath:realizing what a difference we can make through a simple smile..
a day of back alleys and narrow streets:walking/WATCHING/listening:peoples WHISPERS and prayers..
Washing the city night off my face..